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Hosting & Business Services

We can host your site & set up business solutions

  • We can provide reliable web hosting
  • Let us move your site to a faster server
  • We can advise on the purchase of your domain name
  • Secure your site for greater customer confidence
  • Need professional email addresses? We can help
  • Get your FREE hosting and business setup consultancy today

Free Business Support Consultation

Call 0800 086 9678 to talk to our experts. Or click the button below to request a call back. We will provide a FREE quote, plus help & advice to grow your business.

100% privacy, we’ll never share your details!

Hosting & Business Services

We can host your site & set up business solutions

Free Business Support Consultation

Call 0800 086 9678 to talk to our experts. Or click the button below to request a call back. We will provide a FREE quote, plus help & advice to grow your business.

100% privacy, we’ll never share your details!

Our Range Of Services For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

At Insite Web we can support your website and business even if we didn’t build your site.

We offer great price web hosting, scaleable from cloud based hosting, through virtual servers to your own dedicated servers. Any of these options can be controlled by you via a web based control panel.

We offer a fully comprehensive migration service; migrating your existing site for a small fee and ensuring it’s running properly after the migration. We can also install a web application of your choice for free.

website hosting business domain solutions in buckinghamshire bedfordshire northamptonshire

If you need help setting up business emails, the team at Insite Web can handle that for you. If you host your site with us we’ll give you at least 3 free email addresses, with more available on request. We even offer full Microsoft Exchange server set-up at competitive prices.

If you’re collecting any sensitive information on your site, such as email or payment details, your customers will want to know your site is secure. At Insite Web we can make sure your site is protected by a security certificate with full SSL certificate purchase and installation.

We offer many other services and support. Contact us today to discover how we can help you. 

Got Questions? Contact us & one of our team members will get back to you very quickly (within 24 business hours).

Business Solutions For Small & Medium Enterprises 

Website Hosting

Don’t need a site built but looking for reliable hosting?
We offer fully supported & daily backed up web hosting from £1.99 per month

Web Applications

Want a specific application installing?
We can install & configure WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento & many more

Site Migration

Unhappy with your hosting, but can’t move a site?
We will migrate your website if you host with us for only £20 & ensure it functions fully

Business Email

Not sure how to setup a business email address?
If you host or move your site to us for 12 months we will configure 3 emails for free

Domain Purchase

Not sure what domain your new site should have?
Don’t just pick one, get the ideal domain for your niche, potentially with ready made traffic

SSL Encryption

Need a secure site but don’t know how to achieve it?
Host with us & get a free SSL, we offer guaranteed fully configured SSL certificates from £50

More About Business Services

At Insite Web our 24/7 fully supported hosting, set up & migration services allow you to move or create a website easily. 
Find out how partnering with us can turbo charge your profitability.

Don’t Buy A Domain Without Reading This

How would you choose a domain for your website? Most people look for a domain name they like the sound of or one that closely matches their planned business name. Whilst this approach has a certain logic, talking to Insite Web before you select your domain could help increase traffic to your site and build your business.

We can look at pre-owned domains to see whether one may be already relevant to your business strategy. The researchers at Insite Web can examine whether a domain has active backlinks that are likely to drive traffic. We can check whether a domain has an existing Domain authority – if it has it’s likely to rank higher in Google.

Where we can’t identify a pre-owned domain that would be suitable for you, we can still help select the best domain for your business by considering important keywords and advising on the types of domain names that are more memorable for customers.

Website Hosting To Suit All *Coming Soon*

We partner with a fully supported Tier 4 hosting partner (full redundancy and their own data centres) for all our web projects. We can agree any specification of hosting and include hosting as part of the quoted price on all web development projects.

In April we are launching a fully supported web hosting service for those who do not undertake a web build project with us. This will offer:-

• Multi site for exiting websites
• Variable bandwidth requirements
• One-Click application installation
• Free website migrations
• Multi database support
• Free SSL
• Domains included some packages

Simple Site Migration Services

There are several reasons why you may be unhappy with your current hosting service. Maybe your site goes down too often or perhaps you’re unhappy with the amount of disk space you get. Whatever the reasons the prospect of migrating a site to a new web host can be a daunting one. Even if you have the technical knowledge to carry out a migration, do you really have the time?

Why not take advantage of our low cost £20 migration service? The Insite Web team will move your old site and its databases then make sure it’s configured properly on our hosting service. After migration, we’ll carry out basic tests to ensure the site is up and running correctly.

If you need more complex texting after migration, for example if you have a more intricate ecommerce site, then talk to us now to find out how we can make even the most complicated migrations as smooth as possible.

Web Application Installation

You are in control of your own destiny when you host with us. Our control panel system gives you access to a number of tools that you can use, it also means you can install web platform applications with a click of  a button, this covers the list below and many more:-

• WordPress
• Drupal
• Magento
• Joomla
• CodeIgniter
• Concrete5

Not confident in doing this yourself and what us to install applications for you? We can install and configure these applications for you for £20 per application.

Business Email Setup

What does your email address say about your business? Are you still using a personal email? Do you have a Gmail or Hotmail address which might not give customers a professional impression?

When you sign-up to a 12 month hosting package, you’ll get at least 3 business emails free, with more available for an additional fee. These are simple to set up from your control panel, if you wish we can set up your emails for a small fee. 

If you have bigger requirements then talk to us, we can also host and configure 3rd party applications like Microsoft Outlook and IOS devices for you as part of a wider project.

SSL Encryption

Purchasing an SSL certificate for your website reassures your customers that you value the security of their information. Whether they are being asked for credit card details, invited to provide their email addresses or need to create a log-in profile, they can instantly see that your site is secure. They’ll know their data is protected by the padlock symbol that will appear in the website address bar as well as by the ‘https’ protocol in your URL.

Talk to us about the level of SSL protection and set-up that you need, there are basic free options, or we can purchase and configure any type of SSL license based on your requirements.

Read about our business support & hosting services by clicking the links below

Up To 15% Off Packages

Wouldn’t it be easier to get us to build your infrastrucure? Get 10% off set-up when you take any Copy, SEO or Marketing option with a website build, 15% off set-up if you take 2 or more options – Contact Us Now

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Maximise your local rankings on Google - We do the research for you, improve your sites copy & search rankings to beat your local competitors
Local SEO Services
Copywriting Packages

Copywriting Packages

We will produce bespoke copy & content for your website, to ensure its easy to read & ranks well in search engines
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Customers need to find your site - We can create tailored campaigns that will drive meaningful cost effective traffic
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