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Lead Tracking & Lead Management for Every Lead

Wherever your leads come from make sure you track them for every step of the customer journey.

Insite Web offers you a comprehensive lead management solution. No set up by you required. We do the hard work; you log in and start seeing your leads.

We track everything: calls, forms, chats, quizzes & much more

All Your Leads Tracked, or Your Money Back

5 star rated by our customers

Track everything

Track Everything

However your customers find out about you and however they get in touch, you can track their activity with Insite Web’s lead tracking tools. In fact we’re so confident that you’ll have all the data you need to build great marketing campaigns, we offer a money back guarantee.

Insite Web offers a number of packages that brings together various marketing channels and tracks them all in one easy to understand dashboard. We let you customise your dashboard to only track the channels that are relevant to you and explain how to use the marketing attribution reports generated to refine your lead generation, lead management and marketing strategy.

How We Can Improve Lead Gen & Sales Performance

1. We track over 99% of all leads – guaranteed

We understand that you need to track all leads, regardless of how or where they come from. Our lead tracking solution tracks forms, funnels, chats and phone calls, it allows you to manage them all, plus push them into Google/Bing ads, and a huge range of other CRMs and platforms.

We’ve tracked hundreds of thousands of leads for our clients

2. We give you total lead visibility

We know you need to have visibility of every contact, lead and sale. Our lead solution includes advanced lead tracking software, this allows you to see and manage every contact; call, form, sale, chat, event and email.

All in a customisable set of dashboards and reports tailored for your business.

See & manage all your leads in solutions customised for you

3. Full lead, marketing and channel context

We know you need to tie leads back to your marketing campaigns. Tracking leads is just the starting point. Our advanced tracking systems and 1st party cookies will show the channel, campaign, keyword, plus page, form or funnel that generated each lead, allowing you to maximise your spend.

We’ll show you what marketing works for your business

4. Update, score & manage your leads

An inbound lead doesn’t always equal a sale. Although measuring every contact is vitally important, you need to know if a call is missed, or a lead is progressing to a sale. Our tracking system allows you to score, annotate and update individual leads, plus push data into any other IT systems you require.

We’ll help you understand your leads & maximise your ROI

  • We track over 99% of all leads – guaranteed

    We understand that you need to track all leads, regardless of how or where they come from. Our lead tracking solution tracks forms, funnels, chats and phone calls, it allows you to manage them all, plus push them into Google/Bing ads, and a huge range of other CRMs and platforms.

    We’ve tracked hundreds of thousands of leads for our clients

Bespoke Set Up for All Your Channels

There are loads of lead management options out there so why choose us? Other lead tracking companies rely on assumptions. They assume you know what you need to track, they assume you know how to effectively set up your digital marketing tracking and they assume that you’ll understand all the data you’re presented with. Insite Web doesn’t make assumptions.

We set up your lead tracking for you, but only after we’ve spoken to you about how your business and marketing works, so we understand what you need to track. You’ll be using simple lead tracking software, and our lead management experts will make suggestions about what to track if you’re not sure and will go through a one-to-one onboarding process so that you are confident about using your new system.

Unlike other companies we don’t expect you to be IT experts or professional data analysts before you can understand the metrics you see. Our lead management solutions are easy to understand and simple to act upon, so you can concentrate on building your business.

Lead Tracking
Put the pieces together

Put All The Pieces Together

What can you track? Everything…

Click to see how your form tracking could look

Form Tracking

Website forms are one of the most effective methods of capturing lead data as they allow you to be precise about the information you request. Using our form tracking tools will take you beyond just counting how many website forms are submitted, or getting a message in your inbox.

We’ll match the data provided in forms to marketing and customer data, so you understand whether the customer came from organic or branded search, PPC, social media, email campaigns or a combination of all of them. Plus we’ll tell you what pages they viewed and whether they’ve visited you before, giving you a much deeper insight into what is working, or not.

Call tracking

When someone calls your business, you need to know how they found your number. Did they see it on your website, on a Google Ad or even a flyer? Most businesses don’t know this, or rely on asking the customer where they heard about you, but these are fraught with difficulty as customers often make this up or just don’t know.

Insite Web’s packages use high-tech call-tracking software to ensure that every call you receive is properly tracked, whatever the source. This means you know whether your marketing and website are generating the calls, or not, and what making the phone ring.

Click to see how your call tracking could look
Click to see how your live chat tracking could look

Live chat tracking

Adding live chat to a website is a great way to increase engagement, which can drive leads, but like everything else you need to measure more than the number of live chats or how long they are.

Using our cookie and chat marketing attribution and tracking packages allows you to see the whole customer journey from initial contact to, hopefully, conversion, with where they heard about your brand, product or service along the way captured too.

Track every channel and every source

Insite Web doesn’t think you should have to use different tools to track different types of leads. That’s why we put all your lead tracking in one place making it even easier to compare results and make improvements.

If you carry out offline flyer, magazine or newspaper campaigns, we can track this too. If you need to know what emails are driving conversion we can track that. Rely on Google Business pages Facebook, LinkedIn or local campaigns to drive your business, we can tack visits calls and conversions here too. Have sales reps or a sales team, we can help you track any leads or business they generate as well.

Click to see how all of your lead tracking could look

What can you do with the data? Anything you want…

Click to see how your reporting dashboard could look

Reporting & dashboards

The danger with lead tracking now is not that you have too little data, but rather that you have too much unfiltered data that you don’t understand or know what to do with it.

That’s why Insite Web is committed to providing our clients with comprehensible dashboards and clear reporting tools. We also make sure that you know how to use the tools to your and their best advantage. You don’t need to be a marketing professional to get professional results, we’ll help you use the data in a meaningful way to improve your business.

Take the data and use it your way

The beauty of our lead tracking solution is that the data is so clear it’s straightforward for you to use it to improve your lead generation. You can easily identify which channels are working well, which need improvement and which to drop completely, meaning you can make changes that will significantly improve the profitability of your business.

If you want it to be used in reports, you can download it to Excel or csv formats. Need to push it into a CRM, or any other tools you already use, there are hundreds of integrations from Google Ads and Analytics to most CRMs on the market. If it doesn’t exist, we can help you move data via APIs and webhooks too.

What’s more your complimentary quarterly review will provide you with actionable insights can further help your business grow.

Download your data for use in other applications

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If you need more help, we’re here for you

While our simple lead management and performance reviews make it easy for you to manage your lead generation in-house, if you do want more help with optimising your leads, Insite Web will support you.

Find out more about how just a small amount of work can significantly increase the quality of your leads.

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