Project Detail

Finlux Marketing

Formed a dynamic partnership with the Finlux ecommerce team to improve ROI for paid marketing and create an SEO improvement plan. 

Project Detail

Finlux Marketing

Formed a dynamic partnership with the Finlux ecommerce team to improve ROI for paid marketing and create an SEO improvement plan. 

The Project Brief

Having worked with Insite Web on re-platforming and transforming their entire ecommerce operation, the Finlux ecommerce team wanted to significantly improve the return on investment for paid marketing.

As part of the process they wanted to review what opportunities were available to grow organic traffic and attract more customers to the website without any financial outlay, enabling their PPC budget to go further.


Finlux is a direct to customer internet only retailer of cutting edge televisions, accessories and other consumer electronics products.

The Solution

We tendered for the work along with several other agencies; our proposal was to have a fixed monthly traffic driving development program that focused on:-

• PPC ROI improvement
• Technical SEO improvement
• New content and backlinks
• Regular analysis and reporting

This blended mix of work across each month allowed enough dedicated resource to focus on whatever was required from Finlux, such as key large peak trading marketing campaigns and to grow the organic traffic.

The initial focus was on a complete rebuild of the PPC campaigns and adverts, shifting the reliance away from short tail keywords to buying intent and specification-driven longer tail keywords. With a full advert A/B testing program introduced to ascertain the best messages for click through rate (CTR) and conversion, plus quality score and landing page work. This was an ongoing process to hone each campaign to the maximum ROI. We also introduced a tiered propriety Google Shopping solution to reduce cost.

The organic SEO work started with a technical review of the website, with fixes provided for issues with meta set up and duplicate content. This became a monthly process to fine tune and to ensure, that as new products, pages and content was added, it was always audited.

Once we had completed the initial technical work, we started to produce new content that would support key products and customer searches, gaining backlinks and driving traffic to the website and products.

The Results

The PPC keyword changes and Google quality score improvements resulted in a significant improvement for Finlux in all measures:-

• A/B testing of advert copy increased CTR from 1-2% to 6-8% across all search campaigns
• The conversion rate improved by 40% for search campaigns
• The cost per click was reduced by 30%
• The cost per conversion was nearly halved
• The Google Shopping campaign cost reduced by 200%
• The Google Shopping sales went up despite the reduction
• The Google Shopping ROI improved by a factor of three
• The overall ROI improved doubled

The technical SEO work carried out addressed issues with set-up across meta titles and descriptions, H1 & on page content, with copy rewritten to support the main product search terms for each page. This, plus a backlinking program, meant that virtually every Finlux keyword ranked 1st, increasing organic visibility and traffic.

The next stage of the process involved adding new content to support other key, high volume and more profitable models relevant to customer searches, and targeting existing pages for non Finlux terms. This was carried out with a view to supporting PPC and SEO, targeting terms like “Cheap TV”, “Sale TVs” and “Finlux Reviews” for campaigns and driving awareness of how well the brand was received. Subsequently the focus was on more granular terms to ensure the site ranks at, or near, the top of the 1st page for terms that support key models, e.g.:

• 12 Volt TV terms (12v tv, 12v tv dvd, 12v led tv, 12v televison, 12volt tv)
• Small TV (small kitchen tv, small televisions for kitchens, small tv for kitchen, small tvs)
• Smart TV (42 inch smart tv, 50 led smart tv, 42 inch tv smart, smart tv kitchen)
• Large Screen TV (55 65, 55-65 tv, 55 4k 3d tv, 55 led smart tv, 55 inch 4k tv)
• 4K TV (65 4k, 65 inch 4k tv, 4k passive 3d, 55 4k 3d tv, smart 3d 4k tv)
• 65 inch TV terms (65 inch 3d tv, 65 inch 3d led tv, 65 led, 4k 65 inch tv)

This led to an overall ongoing improvement in organic traffic, allowing PPC spend to be reduced. The same strategy was introduced for key trading periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ensuring the keyword and organic work was done way before the campaigns actually started.

What Our Client Said

Insite Web took over our PPC and Marketing in early 2016, they listened to what we are trying to achieve and rebuilt all our campaigns, Google Shopping and technical SEO. Within 3 months they had more than doubled our ROI.

Pete Braithwaite – Finlux Trading Manager


PPC campaign management and SEO improvement plan development with international retail companies. Ongoing analysis and reporting to inform changes and maintain long-term commercial performance.