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Consultancy & Projects

We can help you with ecommerce & multi-channel solutions

  • Experience in managing complex projects
  • Enterprise scale solutions and ecommerce fulfillment
  • Make sense of your customer and analytics data
  • Find out who your competitors are and what they are doing
  • Workflow analysis and improvements
  • Get your FREE project consultancy today

Free Project Consultancy & Advice

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Helping You Grow Your Business Online

Whether your company has no online presence or whether you have a significant ecommerce business, the team at Insite Web can provide you with a range of expert consultancy services that will bring you new insights and skills and build your profitability.

With our extensive commercial and business background, plus experience across a number of ecommerce platforms, as well considerable knowledge of marketing, copywriting, web design and development, we’re ideally placed to work with you to identify the opportunities available to you and your business. We’ll then ensure you make the most of them.

consultancy roi based multi channel solutions in buckinghamshire bedfordshire northamptonshire

You may have a clear idea of what problems you want to solve. Or you may have a more general feeling that ‘something needs to change’. Whatever your starting point, Insite Web will work with you – it’s your business after all – to identify the most cost-effective solutions. And while lots of consultants may tell you what you can do, we’ll focus on what you should do; ensuring that you never commit to a project that isn’t relevant to your business plans or is unrealistic. We also employ ROI based analyses before embarking on projects so if we don’t think we can make you money, we won’t take on the project.

We’ll work with your budget, setting clear benchmarks so that you can always judge whether we’re achieving what you want us to; for you. Where we build you systems as part of a project, we’ll make sure that we leave you with the skills and confidence to maintain them once the project is over.

If you’ve been thinking about working with a consultancy team to boost your business why not give us a call and find out how our digital, multi-channel and ecommerce solutions can help you.

Got Questions? Contact us & one of our team members will get back to you very quickly (within 24 business hours).

We Offer – Consulting Solutions For All Projects

Project Management

Need a digital or ecommerce project managed?
We have experience of succesfully managing complex multi system projects on time

Full RFP & ROI Analysis

Need to improve, but don’t know how?
We can analyse your plans, produce a Request For Proposal, plus help you negotiate & great solutions

Enterprise Applications

Not sure what software system to choose?
We have implemented applications at scale for PSP, ERP & fulfilment on ecommerce sites

Data Analysis & Dashboards

Can’t make sense of your data sources?
We can pull together data from your different sources & turn this into meaningful dashboards & reports

Competitor Intelligence

Need to simplify your pricing process?
Our scraping & pricing tool knowledge means we can monitor your competitors & their prices

Workflow Improvements

Struggling to manage your work processes?
We can analyse your digital workflow & produce solutions that will save your business time & money

More About Consultancy Services

At Insite Web we have analysed & managed projects for start up & multi channel companies.
Find out how partnering with us can turbo charge your profitability.

“Insite Web’s consultancy services offered a cost-effective way to review and consolidate our digital offering. They were totally transparent and made it clear when they thought an option or proposal was not worthwhile. They really do base everything on ROI analysis.”

John Welbourn – Managing Director Vestel UK Ltd
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Business Analysis, RFP & Solutions

You need to make changes. You know that there are software solutions and companies that could help you. However you don’t have the expertise to approach them, to ask the right questions or to ensure you secure the most competitive price. Does this sound like you?

  • Do you need to improve or automate parts of your web or digital strategy?
  • Does your business need specific expertise to get a project underway?
  • Do you want to document or visualise your plans or infrastructure changes?
  • How can you find the right way to go out to tender with tech companies?
Competitor & Marketing Intelligence Automation

Does running the ecommerce side of your business seem like a real slog? Is keeping track of your competitors’ activity giving you a headache?

If you find that you’re spending too much of your time playing catch up with your competitors’ marketing strategies, or that your hours are filled looking at their websites so that you can determine your pricing, then it’s time you spoke to the team at Insite Web.

We can help you save time and become more efficient. We have access to software and technology that can scrape competitors websites regularly (several times a day if required), as well marketing databases that capture all your competitors activity. Even their Google paid search campaigns!

These types of tools can be used in many ways; to research and stay one step ahead of the competition, formulate your strategies or, if integrated with your systems or website, to fully automate your pricing.

Data Analysis & Work Flow Automation

We can analyse your data sources and get to the heart of your businesses performance, outputting results meaningfully for different users.

This methodology can be applied in bespoke solutions, or within applications; e.g. web platforms, AdWords, Google Analytics dashboards etc. The same techniques can improve manual workflow; e.g. marketing, web merchandising, finance, fulfilment etc. Introducing automation, making jobs easier, or potentially removing manual intervention.

1. Review Data

Review your data sources & the ability to extract regular, segmented repeatable, reliable data, automating if required

2. Combine Data

Collate all data together in a database or spreadsheet for querying, with automation if needed

3. Output Results

Output meaningful data to suit users; e.g. dashboards, reports etc, or for workflow automation into other systems

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