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Find out where your calls and live chats come from, which calls and chats turn into leads or sales, and who’s best at closing them.

We offer a comprehensive call tracking and live chat tracking solution. All set up for you, that means you know what marketing, keywords, websites, web pages and offline sources drive your leads.

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Tracking Your Phone Calls and Live Chat

Do you know where your phone leads come from? How about leads from live chat? When you track leads it’s important that you track every lead, no matter where they come from, but many businesses forget to include all the ways that they are contacted.

Here we take a look at tracking the real-time communications you receive via phone and live chat.

Tracking Phone Calls & Conversations

Telephone calls are a major source of inbound leads, yet many companies don’t put in place the type of systems that allow them to discover how the people phoning them found their number. Amazingly, even with all the technology available, many businesses, rely on the simple question “where did you hear about us?”. This approach does not produce accurate data, salespeople may forget to ask, and even if they do ask customers often don’t remember and can’t answer or just make something up. With call tracking software there is no need to rely on the slapdash method, and really no excuse if you do.

How does call tracking software work?

Your business has a phone number. Potential customers see your phone number on your website, on an ad, on a flyer, etc and call you. The problem is you don’t know where they saw your number, so can’t assess which of your marketing channels is working (we’ve seen the problem with just asking above).

With call tracking software potential customers don’t all call the same number – don’t worry they still all come through to you. Website visitors can be shown a unique telephone number. When they call this number, that call can be linked back to their online activity to determine where they came from, for example via a Google search. This activity is generally tracked through using cookies, although Insite Web can also complement cookie-based tracking with other methods, to give richer data.

Track Calls

For PPC campaigns, unique numbers are allocated to specific campaigns. Here you will know which ad your prospect saw based on the number they call. You can also target these numbers to specific salespeople to ensure that customers also speak to the most appropriate person.

What if someone doesn’t call the first time they visit my website or click on my ad?

Good question. For larger purchases and complex services in particular, where a customer may want to get further information or make comparisons, and for B2B sales where buying decisions may need input from more than one person and can take more time it’s not unusual for customers to visit your website more than once before calling. Therefore, you may not get accurate information about how they first heard about you and were prompted to visit your website.

However, our tracking software can track all previous activity. This means if a person first clicked on a Google Ad, for example, went away and then subsequently just went straight to your website, the software will show that their first contact was from that paid ad. This level of detail allows you to assess more accurately how effective your ad campaigns have been.

What about offline channels?

So far we’ve only looked at calls that have come after customers have seen your numbers online. Here they are shown different phone numbers using a system called dynamic numbers. Clearly if you are running a newspaper ad or distributing flyers you can’t show different customers different telephone numbers. However, you can have dedicated numbers for different ads, or test 2 different flyers with different numbers allowing you to see which is more effective. You can even allocate particular numbers to vans so you can completely understand where your leads are coming from.

Essentially the more you stratify the numbers you use, the more accurately you can track your leads.

Added extras

Call tracking software often comes with other features that can be used to further refine your sales processes. The most common feature is the ability to record calls. Recorded calls can be used to help training or even to see which strategies are the most effective at closing sales.

Put the pieces together

Put All The Pieces Together

Tracking live chat

Those companies that use live chat tend to focus on its use as a customer support tool and neglect how live chat can also be used to track sales leads. At best the number and length of chats is recorded, with no data collected on whether chats led to sales or whether chat on some pages is more successful than on others.

Track Live Chat

As with phone tracking, live chat tracking will give you more information about the customer who is using live chat. This is useful because many potential customers use live chat because they are not ready to give you any information about themselves. At this level tracking will tell you where the potential customer came from.

To enrich this data, we would always recommend using live chat to gather some additional information, such as an email address, as this will let you match the contact with any previous or future contact from that customer and tie back to your marketing.

Optimising live chat

We also recommend that, where resources allow, you do you use live chat as a live service rather than relying on bots.

Live chat can be configured to notify one or more salespeople that someone is using chat. This means that they can communicate with the customer through the live chat and build a relationship. This personal touch is more likely to result in a successful outcome for your business. Many people report that they are frustrated by bots that produce stock answers to questions and often don’t really answer their query. Frustrated website visitors are much more likely to leave without bothering to take the sales journey any further.

If you have carefully considered your website, you will already have an FAQ page which should cover most of the queries that bots are used to answer. It is far better to focus on making that page the go to resource for customer queries so that you can really leverage live chat as a lead generation tool.

Your business can further optimise live chat by using it to encourage sign-up to marketing materials or by generating personalised messages to pop up in chat if they are spending a lot of time looking a particular product or service page.

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