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PPC Leads – PPC Management & PPC Lead Generation Services

Market leading PPC management services producing search ad campaigns designed to create more leads for your company.

  • Say goodbye to buying expensive, poor-quality leads, say hello to targeted PPC leads that convert, fully guaranteed.
  • Drive growth with your PPC marketing as you need it. Set up and managed for you, with all your leads available in a tailor-made secure dashboard.

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PPC Leads – What we do

Insite Web is a PPC management company that offers comprehensive PPC campaign management services and pay per click lead generation services that focus on the customers you want to reach with targeted PPC search ads, such as Google Ads.

Our PPC marketing services are a superb alternative to buying leads from lead generation companies, and provide you with more traffic, more sales and increased ROI.

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We don’t just rely on Google or their AI. Our PPC experts setup a targeted individual keyword based campaigns, monitor and improve them daily and weekly, always driving better performance and ROI. Whatever your competitors or the market does.

Tip the balance in your favour, with lead generation marketing that works. Discover how we can help you achieve your growth targets today and get leads with Google ads.

Key PPC Leads Benefits

High Performing Leads
High Performing Leads

Google is the largest search engine in the world, with over 80% of all customers searches. Our Google Ads lead generation process gives you best in class access to the right searched for your business and services.

We set high performance lead targets with you and guarantee to hit that performance once the campaign is optimised, or our next month’s service is free. *

Only Targeted Searches
Only Targeted Searches

Why search ads? PPC search ads are targeted at your chosen demographic and displayed when customers are using relevant search terms for the products and services you can provide.

This is what gives search ads the targeting edge over all other PPC advertising and PPC lead generation. You know that the people who see your ads are already looking for a company like yours. They are already thinking about buying.

Customised for you
Customised for you

PPC search advertising works by letting you bid on the keywords and phrases that they want to target. Insite Web spends time understanding your business goals to identify the most important services, keywords and negative keywords for you.

We also understand how searches are used differently by people depending on where in the sales process they are. This lets us focus ads on committed customers and avoid speculative ones.

Demographic based leads
Demographic based leads

In addition to keyword research, search ads can also be at a target audience depending on factors such as their age, geographic location etc.

This lets us further refine the type of customers who will see your ads. This process of refinement leads to even tighter customer qualifying taking place in relation to any searches, and therefore leads generated.

PPC lead gen that converts
PPC lead gen that converts

Targeted pay-per-click (PPC) search ads send prospective customers to dedicated landing pages, where their details are captured by further tools and funnels.

These are delivered to your inbox and phone line for action by you and your sales team. Customer activity is tracked throughout to give a comprehensive picture of the customer journey.

Easy to manage & control
Easy to manage & control

We give you access to a tailor made dashboard, that shows all your leads, plus what campaign / keyword has driven them. You can see calls, missed calls, form fills, chats and more, plus annotate and fully manage the leads all in one place.

The entire setup and campaigns are scalable, they can grow with your business, or be scaled back to cover holidays or unforeseen circumstances.

What Our Clients Say

What does it cost?

The cost of your PPC lead management programme is made up of 2 components; set up costs and ongoing running costs. The level of these charges will depend on variables such as the sector you operate in, the keywords and services you want to target, and how many leads you want to generate.

1. Set up charges & work

Set up work always includes:

a) the creation of a subdomain based site that matches your brand & details

b) the creation of landing pages optimised for the services you are targeting for your Google lead generation

c) the creation of sales funnel and conversion tools

d) tracking for all leads including phone leads and a lead dashboard, plus we push leads to your inbox and telephone numbers (we can integrate with CRMs if you have one)

2. Ongoing Costs & Management

Ongoing costs are split into 2 parts:-

a) PPC ad management services fees

These costs are to cover Insite Web’s work managing your PPC and include setting bids and adding or removing keywords. Your ad management service fees also include the optimisation of your ads, together with A/B testing and optimisation of your ads and landing pages. Insite Web will ensure your Quality Score is high and maintained, which in turn will improve the quality of your leads and ROI.

b) Google PPC costs

These costs are paid directly to Google by you and your company. You retain control of the Google Ads account, which is in your name. You will pay directly for the clicks on the Google search ads.

Market Leading PPC Lead Generation

In the last 4 years we have driven 5 x the average click-through-rate and 6.5 x the average lead conversion results for our clients – See how we can help You Today

16.2% Average CTR Rate (click through rate)

Industry average = 3.17%

24.1% Average Conversion (lead/sale) Rate

Industry average = 3.75%

25% Average Cost Per Click (CPC) Reduction

The average reduction in cost per click we’ve achieved 

155% Average ROI Performance Improvement

The average change in ROI from lead & cost improvements

Our data is based on all clients performance from 2019 to 2022, across a range of industries from ecommerce, through home improvement and leisure to finance leads (some clients see 40%+ conversion rates and far higher ROI). You can see a range of client performances and ROI data on Our Recent Work page.

Industry average CTR and Conversion data is based on WordStream Google Ads Industry Benchmarks updated for 2018 to 2022:

PPC Leads FAQs

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* We will agree a performance target for fully optimised campaigns with you, if we don’t hit this target by month 3 we will give you a free month of our PPC services (you will still need to pay Google for clicks & any other marketing costs)