Project Detail

Servis Marketing

Worked with the Servis ecommerce team to improve organic search and pay-per-click (PPC) results following the re-launch of the Servis brand in the UK.

Project Detail

Servis Marketing

Worked with the Servis ecommerce team to improve organic search and pay-per-click (PPC) results following the re-launch of the Servis brand in the UK.

The Project Brief

The re-launched Servis brand site had struggled for organic rankings in search engines, outranked by competitor and some old sites, even on major brand keywords.

They had turned to PPC to drive further traffic to the site and brand awareness, however had been disappointed with the results. At this point they consulted us about options to improve the visibility of


Is a UK based home appliance brand that has been around for over 80 years. They re-launched under the Vestel umbrella in 2013.

The Solution

Our first step was to review the existing site.  The following problem was quickly identified. Servis did not control the construction or the hosting of the site. This had led to numerous issues with the technical SEO set-up of the website, with missing or duplicated meta details, as well as limited copy that was not relevant to the majority of customer searches.

The project we proposed recommended that they take control of the site and move it to their own hosted solution. Once there, we could sort out the existing problems and then develop the site.

They agreed to this. We then instigated a full technical review and rewrite of all pages’ copy and meta details based on detailed product keyword research, adding Google Webmaster Tools and other SEO tools to manage and resolve issues.

We then moved to the bigger part of the project, which was to grow long-term awareness and to more than treble free, organic traffic; reducing the need for a marketing budget.

To do this we reviewed the key product ranges and growth strategies with the Servis team for the next 3-18 months. Once we had agreed the detail we instigated an efficient, targeted PPC program to drive traffic awareness of these products short term, while we worked on the longer term organic strategy via keyword and search market opportunities, creating new content and strategies to enable this. 

The Results

The initial work on the technical SEO for the site enabled significantly more Servis keywords to rank, moving Servis itself and the product categories proceeded by the word Servis all to number one on Google.

The initial PPC campaign delivered 5 times the traffic compared to the original PPC campaigns for a similar budget spend.

The longer term goal of creating great content that would allow the organic position to be improved and treble the existing organic traffic was delivered quickly, allowing PPC to be stopped, as the organic traffic was higher the this goal.

This process of keyword and niche research, then creating targeted articles that we could seed and get backlinks to was continued as we developed a new website for Servis. Much of the content and journeys created for this site still ranks very highly in Google, with key brand targets around certain product areas still either number one, with many others in the top half dozen search results, even though they are up against established competitors with great history e.g. Servis Retro Fridge Freezers against Smeg Retro Fridge Freezers:-

• Retro Fridge Freezers (plus key colour variants red, cream, black, green etc)
• Retro Fridges (plus key colour variants)
• Retro Freezers (plus key colour variants)
• Key Coloured Products (red washer dryer, colours and fridge freezer etc)
• 4 Door Fridge Freezer

This SEO & content creation work allowed the new website to far exceed the initial organic traffic expectations.

What Our Client Said

“We started working with Insite Web Ltd to review our digital, ecommerce and brand proposition online. They did such a good job of improving the search results and traffic for Servis that we undertook a complete responsive website rebuild with them.”

John Welbourn – Managing Director Vestel UK Ltd


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